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  June 5, 2006  
Well, today wasn't very exciting. Dad wasn't feeling very well, and he had a fever so he stayed home from work. I hope he feels better soon.

I had a peach for the first time. It was pretty good. We went out for lunch, and I had tabouli salad. It was yummy.

After we got home, I had a little nap. I think my teeth are bothering me, because I haven't been sleeping very well, and I've been having an upset tummy. I hope they'll feel better soon.

We went to my grandpa's for dinner. I got to see my Auntie Janet who started a new job today. She said the people weren't very nice to her, but I think that once they get to know her they will like her lots because she is really great and I love her a lot. I hope she has a better day tomorrow.

Anyways, we are all tired, and should go to bed so that we can get better soon. I hope dad gets over his cold soon! Even though I like it when he is home with me.