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  June 6, 2006  
Well, today wasn't such an exciting day either. Mom and dad are feeling much better though. Dad went back to work today, which was good for him, but sad for us, since we like hanging out with him ... even when he is a sicky.

I walked to the mall with my mom, Karen and Tom, and then I went to the yarn store with my mom and Sue. It was alright, since the nice lady at Ewe Asked For It gave me a toy rooster. After we got home, I had a nap, and then played with mom until dad got home.

Mom went to the dinner theatre with grandma and my aunties, so me and dad hung out for a bit. Check out the video to see what I did!!!! Mom missed it all!

After I played with dad for a while, his friend Neil came over, so I got to play wih both of them. It was pretty cool. But then I had to go to bed and miss out on all their fun. Maybe in a few years I can stay up and have pizza with them.