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  June 15, 2006  
It has been so rainy here! Yesterday mom and I went for a walk to the store, and we almost got caught in a downpour! But it was okay, because I was wearing a cool new hoodie that mom and dad got me.
Today, I helped mom make a really good dinner, because my grandpa, Sue, Nicole and Daniel were coming over. We made Mango Ginger Tofu. It was so good! Even grandpa had seconds.
Since it's been so rainy out, me and mom haven't done much lately. I learned how to turn around in cirlces while sitting down though. I'll put a video on this page soon.
Mom and I have to get up early tomorrow and take a bus to Whyte Ave and do something for dad for Father's Day (I can't say what it is, because it's a secret, but I will show everyone pictures on Monday). Anyways, I am going to go to bed early and hope the rain goes away tomorrow!!!
Check out my two top teeth!!!