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  June 18, 2006  
Wow! What a weekend we had! It was so great! We went to the North Country Fair. It was my first time camping and I sure had fun! We went with my friend Taro and his parents, and I got to meet a whole bunch of new friends too! It was really fun.
We drove up on Saturday afternoon. It was a really long drive, and, since we stopped for food, it took almost four hours to get there! My legs were really bored. Not when we got there though! There was so much to see and do! We set up our tent in a field away from the other camping area, since Taro's dad said that it was too loud there on Friday night. So we got to camp in a field of dandilions!!!
After we set up camp, we went over to listen to some great music, and I practiced my walking! I am really trying hard to walk. I can take a few steps, but then I get too excited, and my legs can't keep up with me!
On Saturday night, we had a yummy curry for dinner, and I went to bed, since I was so tired from my eventful day.
Sunday is Father's Day!!! Woo hoo! Happy Father's Day, daddy! And Grandpas...and every other Father out there! I couldn't give daddy his Father's Day present, because I can't pick it up until today or tomorrow, so it has to stay secret until then, but when we pick it up, I will put up some pictures.
Sunday morning, everyone made a big breakfast. Mom made lots of scrambled tofu! Yummy! I had some yogurt, cereal, pinneapple, and mango!
After I had a nap, we went to go see some more music. It was great, but then it started to rain, so dad thought it would be a good idea to go take down the tent before it got too wet. So we went back and started packing up. We left arounf 3:15, nd made it home around 7. The drive home was pretty boring, but we saw two deer! And we stopped in Westlock so I could stretch my legs.
The weekend was really fun, and I hope we can go camping again soon!