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  June 24, 2006  
Well I have had such a busy week that I haven't had time to write! On Tuesday we went to my grandpa's for dinner. It was pretty fun. On Wednesday my grandma and Larry came over here for dinner, so mom made pasta shells stuffed with tofu ricotta. It was really yummy. Then on Thursday, we went to the zoo!!!! Yay! It was so much fun! There was a petting zoo, and I got to pet lambs and sheep and goats!!! It was great. I also got to see elephants, and tigers, and a llama, and an otter, and monkeys!!! I really like the zoo. We didn't have time to see everything, so maybe we'll go back later in the summer. I hope so.
Then on Thursday night we went to a barbeque at Hawrelak Park that dad's work was putting on. It was pretty fun, and there were other babies for me to play with. I even got to stay up past my bedtime.
Yesterday, one of my mom's favorite storeswas having a big sale, so we went to it and she got lots of pretty clothes! Then we got home and my mom's friend Natalie came over, so I got to hang out with her, which is pretty cool, since I hadn't seen her since I was really little. Mom was really envious, since she just went to see Sleater-Kinney in Glasgow.
It was a really fun week, and it is supposed to be nice this weekend, so I hope we do something fun!