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  July 4, 2006  
What a fun weekend we had!!! On Thursday, I got to play outside with mom for a while. It was great. I practiced my crawling while the kitties made new friends! I played lots with Finnigan when we came inside. Then daddy's cousin Jesse came and stayed overnight with us. He lives in Victoria. We went to the Highlevel Diner for dinner, and I had tabouli salad. Yum!
Friday afternoon, we left to go stay at Taro's grandparent's cabin in Lac la Biche. It was so much fun!!! What a great weekend everyone had. On Friday night we just had dinner and then I went to bed. On Saturday, we all went for a walk (Thomas and his parents were there, and Taro and his parents, and Raeanne and her parents came a little later). It was great! There were so many puppies everywhere. People at that lake must like puppies a lot. It rained a little on Saturday afternoon, but we still had fun. I got to play with my friends a lot.
Sunday was the most fun day for sure!!! I got to go on a canoe ride with mom and dad! It was great. After a while I fell asleep though. But it was still fun. When we got back, I got to go on a motorboat ride! It was so cool! Then we went swimming in the lake.
On Monday I got to go on the motorboat again, and then we had to go home. It was sad, because I had so much fun there.