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  July 12, 2006  
Wow, it's been a long time since I have made an entry in my journal. We have been very busy. We got a little kitten! Her name is Gus. I don't know if we can keep her though, because she doesn't get along with the other cats. She is very cute though.
Last Wednesday I got to go to Ma-Me-O beach with my friend Taro. It was really fun playing in the water. Then at night, I got to hang out with my dad when my mom went to go see Neko Case. She told me that it was a really good show. On Friday we just stayed at home, since it was raining and the kitty was sick, so we needed to make sure she was eating. She is all better now.
We went to a barbeque on Saturday night. The people who had the barbeque are some friends of Sue, and they have horses!!! And kitties, and two puppies, and miniature horses. It was so much fun! I really liked all the animals.
On Sunday my grandma Sue and grandpa Ken rode their bikes into town on their way back to Kelowna from Winnepeg. It was fun to see them. My dad's cousin Jesse and his dad, Randy, also stopped by on Sunday. It was a good day.
Yesterday, dad took the afternoon off, and we went to the Street Performers Festival. It was great. My friends Tom and Taro were there too!
I also learned how to wave this week!