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  July 18, 2006  
What a fun weekend I had. On friday, mom made these cupcakes. We went to a party at my friend Taro's house. It was fun, since lots of my friends were there. On Saturday, mom and dad and I went to the zoo. I got to go to the petting zoo again, which was pretty fun, and dad took pictures of the shaved alpacas, because they looked funny. And I got to go to Cafe Mosaics for lunch and I had toast and fruit. Yummy! On Saturday night, my mom made tofu whipped cream and my and dad had that with saskatoon berries and kiwis. Mmmm. It was so yummy. I love saskatoons! On Sunday we didn't do much, but that's okay. I got to hang out with daddy while mommy got her hair cut. We went to Montana's for dinner, and I got some rice and steamed veggies. it was pretty good, and I had fun trying to put as much broccoli in my mouth as I could.
Today it is just the morning, but I already had something new...a smoothie!!!! Mom made me a kiwi and saskatoon smoothie, and I really liked it, but I was a little messy with it. Oh well. I hope we do something fun today!