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  July 28, 2006  
Wow...it sure has been a long time since I have had time to write! Let's see what I have been up to....
Last Thursday, me and my friends took our moms to the Klondike day Parade. It was pretty fun. We went to A Taste of Edmonton after. It was good. It was really hot all weekend. On Saturday I took mom and dad to a movie at the Princess theatre to see A Scanner Darkly. It was pretty good, but since the theatre we went to has a special room for little kids, like me, I mostly played while mom and dad watched the movie. I still had fun though.
On Sunday my mom made a cake and we went to my grandma's for the afternoon. I played in the pool and had a great time.
On Monday, my mom's friend Crystal came over. She left on Wednesday to go to Europe for a month, so we wanted to see her before she left. It was fun.
On Tuesday, my grandpa, Sues, Nicole, Daniel and my auntie Janet came over for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. Daniel brought cinnamon buns. yum! My dad got a few funny shirts from my mom. I like this one and this one. He also got this shirt and this shirt. I think he had a good birthday.
Wednesday was his real birthday. I went out during the day with my friend Tom, and our moms, to Ikea and Baby Sam. Then I went to my grandma's for the evening, and mom and dad went to Dad-e-o for dinner, and then to Pirates of the Caribbean. When they came to pick me up after the movie, it was raining really hard and he streets were very foggy, so they decided that it would be better to just stay over at grandma's. I was asleep when they got there, so I was so happy when I woke up in the morning to see them in the bed next to my crib!
Yesterday I went over to Tom's house and played with a whole bunch of my friends. It was really really fun.
Tonight I am going to grandma's again...this time for a sleepover. Mom and dad, and my aunties, and my girlfriend, Erin, are going to see Ani DiFranco. They are pretty excited. Too bad I am too young to go.
Tomorrow morning, mom and dad are going to pick me up from grandma's, and we are going to go to the Calgary Folk Fest with dad's cousin Lisa, her husband, Vincent, and their daughter, Alicia. Alicia is almost two and she's really fun.
It should be a really fun weekend. Even my aunties are coming down on Sunday!
Next weekend will be really fun too, because it is my first birthday!!! Woo hoo!!! My grandma and grandpa from Kelowna are coming out, and even my uncle Tyson is coming out from Victoria. Yay!
Okay, well I have a big weekend coming up, so I should go get some rest.
Oh yeah, before I do, here are some new things about me: I love to dance! I especially like punk rock and 80's pop music! I also have a new food that I love: rice cakes! They are so yummy with almond butter or applesauce. Yum...