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  July 31, 2006  
Hi everyone! What a good weekend! On Friday night, my mom, dad, aunties, and Erin went to see Ani DiFranco. They sat in the very front row, and told me that it was the best concert ever. Too bad i couldn't go!
On Satuday morning, we drove to Calgary. I slept until we got to Red Deer, where mom and dad stopped at the Donut Mill for some veggie sandwiches. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs.
We arrived at Lisa and Vincent's around 2:00, and we stayed and visited a little while before we went to the folk fest. The folk fest was really good. I danced so much! And I even did some tricks on dad's skateboard!
On Sunday we went back to the folk fest with Lisa, Vincent and Alicia. It was great! And then in the afternoon, my aunties came! Yay! It was a really fun day. We got to see so many great bands! I hope we can go again next year!
We drove back this morning and got home around 10am. I slept for most of the way. Mom made me some muffins when we got back, and then we went for a walk to the park, where I got to play on the swings.
Well, we are off to the grocery store now! Bye bye!