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  Happy Birthday, Quinn!  
What a busy week I've had. On Thursday night, my grandma Sue and Grandpa Ken came in from Kelowna, and then later that night (after I was already asleep), my Uncle Tyson flew in from Victoria! It was such a surprise to wake up to everyone the next morning! On Friday I went out with my friend Thomas for a little bit, and then I helped mom make dinner for everyone. On Saturday, my mom did some laundry, and then my aunties came and we all went to Heritage Days. It was great...especially since I didn't have to have an afternoon nap!
Sunday was my birthday party, and it was so much fun! There were lots of people there, and I got to have a chocolate cupcake that my mom made. And I got to skip my afternoon nap for the second day in a row! I sure was tired by the time I went to bed though.
On Monday, it was my real birthday. Tyson had to catch a plane back to Victoria, and grandma and grandpa drove him on their way out of town, so they were all gone even before I woke up! The house seemed so quiet. Dad took me and mom to Cafe Mosaics for lunch. It was yummy. Then we went to the skatepark again, but we couldn't stay long because I needed to have a nap (darnit!), so we came home and I went to sleep and dad went back to the skatepark. When I woke up and he got back, we went over to visit my grandpa Dave and Sue. We ended up staying for dinner, and I had half a veggie burger. Yum!
Today me and mom will probably just take it easy. Now that I am walking everywhere, mom had better clear the way!