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  August 16, 2006  
Wow have we ever been busy! Mom was in a wedding this weekend, so on Friday we went to the rehersal dinner. It was fun and there was lots of good food. On Saturday morning, mom had to hurry and get ready, because we had to drive to Sherwood Park and pick up the flowers for the bride. After we got the flowers, we dropped mom off at the maid of honour's house, where everyone was getting ready, and I went home with dad and had a nap.
The cermony was on an acerage, and while dad and I were waiting for it to start, we found a little frog!!! it was so cool!
I didn't see mom again until the ceremony. She was wearing a very pretty dress that my grandma Laurie made her! It rained a little during the ceremony, and it thundered a lot, but it was still good, and the bride looked very beautiful.
After the ceremony, I went with dad to grandma's house while mom went with the wedding party to get pictures taken. Dad dropped me off at grandma's and went home before he went to the reception.
I didn't go to the recption, but mom and dad said that it was really great, and that they danced so much that they tired themselves out!
The next morning, dad and mom and I went down to the Highlands to do some shopping. It was great and I got a couple little toys.
Then we took a bus to the Folk Fest. It was really fun, and we ran into Tom and his parents. We stayed at the festival until about 8:00pm, and then we had to go home, because I was tired, and mom was going to meet some friends to go to another concert.
I haven't been feeling very well since then. I am cutting three new teeth, and I have a bit of a cold. But I still played outside for a little bit this morning. I am getting lots of sleep, so I hope I will feel better soon!