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  August 24, 2006  
Wow, I can't believe it's late August already! Time has really flown by. Me and mom haven't had a very exciting week. Mom is starting to potty train me, so I have been spending a lot of time without a diaper on. Woo hoo! I feel so free!
On Saturday night, mom and dad went to go see John Tucker Must Die. They said that it was really funny. I stayed at Grandma's until they got back from the movie.
On Sunday, we went for breakfast in the morning with dad's cousins, Sheila and Jesse. We went to Cafe Mosaics, and I had some yummy pancakes. Then we went to my friend Taro's birthday party. It was really really fun, and his mom made him a really cool cake.
The week hasn't been very exciting so far though. I got a really cool new shirt from Herbivore Clothing. I think it's funny.
On Tuesday I went to the mall with mom and we picked out some socks to make a sock monkey for m friend Colby's birthday. It turned out pretty good. Mom said that he looks more like a spider monkey, because she made him out of knee socks, and his limbs are so long.
My mom and dad say that Gus isn't a very good match for our house, because she needs more attention and play time than we give her. Plus she doesn't get along with Finnigan. So we are giving her away to a girl that dad works with. She is going to come over tomorrow to pick Gus up. On the weekend we are going to go to the Edmonton Humane Society and look for a new friend for Finnigan. Mom wants to get a cat called "Oak" that is somewhere in the middle of the cat page. Mom and dad decided that we shouldn't get a dog right now, since we are gone lots, and it is easier to leave a cat alone than dog. Maybe when I'm older.
Speaking of being gone, we are going to Vancouver next month. Yahoo! That should be fun, even though it is a long drive.
And also on the subject of being gone, grandma Laurie and Larry are leaving tonight to go to Ontario. I hope they have lots of fun, and give everyone a big hug from all of us!!!
Whew, well I'm beat. I should get some rest. Buh bye!