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  October 15, 2006  
We had a pretty fun weekend. On Friday night, mom and dad babysat Taro while his parents went to Delerium. They said it was really good. My Auntie Heather is going tonight with her friend, Jeff.
On Saturday mom and dad took me swimming, and grandma Laurie met us there. It was cool. There was a wave pool, and it was great. I had so much fun! On the way there, we stopped and visited Auntie Heather at her work. Afterwards I had a great nap and mom made some garlicky kale and pesto pasta for dinner. Mmm.
Today it was really rainy all day. It is supposed to snow tonight! We went to Organic Roots and got some groceries and Halloween treats. Then we went to visit my grandpa Dave. When we got home, mom made a batch of brownies, and some macaroni and "cheese" and sauteed chard for dinner. I couldn't get enough of the macaroni...I think I ate more than mom and dad!
Tomorrow Tom is coming over, and I think that mom said that we are going to find a present for my step-aunt, Nicole's, birthday, which is on Tuesday. Phew. We're going to be busy!
Mom has been making these really tasty apple hemp muffins lately from one of her favorite cookbooks. Maybe I should go help her make another batch!
I'll try to write more soon!