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  October 25, 2006  
Whew, have we been busy! On Saturday, we got out dog, Bambi! Woo hoo! She is very nice. The cats are still getting used to her, but I think that they will be fine together soon. We have taken her for lots of walks, and even took her to go visit Grandpa Dave's dog, Venus, who if from the same animal rescue organization as Bambi. They got along great!
Mom has been babysitting so much! Sometimes it's nice to have someone to play with. But on Wednesdays it's just us, and I like that too.
The weather has been really nice here the last few days, especialy compared to last week, when it snowed!!!
This weekend, we are going to a Halloween party on Saturday! It should be fun.
Okay, well mom is making a potato-leek bake for dinner, so I should go help her! I'll write more later!!!