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  November 2, 2006  
Well, winter is here. Yep, it has snowed, and the temperatures have dropped. And man, is it cold out!!!
Okay, so let's get to the real news. So this weekend, we went to a Halloween party with some friends. It was pretty fun. I was a lamb, and mom was Li'l Bo'Peep. Dad was a bear. It was a potluck dinner, so mom made chili and brown rice. Mmmm. And Tom's mom made chickpea curry. Mmm mmmm.
On Sunday, grandma babysat me, and mom and dad went out for lunch and for a walk. Then they came back to grandma's for dinner. Yum.
Tuesday was Halloween!!! Yahoo! We went to grandpa's for dinner, and had taco's, mom's favorite. Then dad took me trick or treating to one house, and then we went home and handed out candy for a bit. It was pretty fun, and I got to wear my nice lamb costume again.
On Wednesday I woke up with an icky cold and fever. Boo! I slept a lot. Dad took the afternoon off, since mom had to go help out with a fashion show that her old employer was putting on. She didn't get home until I was in bed. Me and dad had fun though. We took Bambi for a walk, and he read me some books.
I woke up with the cold still this morning. I really don't feel very good, but mom is giving me lots of snuggles. And I am sleeping lots, which helps too.
*Yawn* Well, I should go snooze some more. I hope I feel better soon!