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  January 10, 2007  
Wow, I haven't written for a very long time! A lot has happened since I last made an entry, so I'll start where I left off, in November.
At the beginning of November, dad and I came down with a nasty flu or something, and we were very sick for a while. Dad got over it in a few days, but I had an upset stomach for over a week! It was really yucky, and I lost some weight, but I am doing much better now.
Then we celebrated mom's birthday, which was fun. She made a yummy raspberry chocolate cake...mmmm! For the rest of November we just hung around. Mom is still babysitting my friends, Tom and Taro, so I got to play with them a lot.
At the beginning of December, my grandma Sue and grandpa Ken came to visit, along with my uncle Tyson! We went to the waterpark, and mom and dad took me down some slides! I watched uncle Tyson, dad and grandpa go down the slides that were too big for me. I love the pool, and I hope we go back to that big pool soon. Before grandma and grandpa went back home, I got to hang out with them all by myself while mom and dad went to go see . They liked it.
After everyone went back to British Columbia, we started getting ready for xmas. We set up our tree, and decorated the house a little bit, and mom did some yummy xmas baking. I got to have sleepovers at grandma Laurie's house two weekends in a row!!! Once when mom and dad were going to a wedding (mom's friend since she was in playschool got married to another person they went to playschool with! Congratulations Nichole and Sean!), and once when mom and dad went to the xmas party for dad's work. Phew. That took us right up to xmas.
Xmas was fun this year! I learned how to unwrap presents quickly! I got so many fun things, and nice clothes too. Thank you everyone! Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures, since we were so caught up in the moment. I think my aunties and maybe grandma Laurie have some, so maybe if we get some from them, I will post them here.
On xmas eve I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my aunties and mom and dad. What a good movie! Dr. Seuss is my favorite author. I stayed up late at grandma's, and then mom and dad took me home and put me to bed. When we got up in the morning, we drove back to grandma's to open presents and have breakfast. Then we came home and picked up Bambi, and went to grandpa Dave's house, where we opened more presents (lucky!), and had xmas dinner. It was a nice day.
After that, dad was on holidays for two weeks, so we got to hang out with him. We relaxed a lot, but played too, and went swimming once (not at the pool with the waterslides though). It was a really fun time.
Last weekend, Grandpa Dave and Sue babysat me while mom and dad went for dinner and saw
Stranger Than Fiction. They both really liked it.
Also, mom and dad told me that there is a baby in mom's belly, and in the middle of July, the baby will be born, and I will be a big brother! I even heard the baby's heartbeat. Mom says that in a month we are going to a place where they are going to take pictures of the baby, while it's still in her belly! Cool! I'll make sure she puts the pictures on the website when we get them. I wonder if I'll have a little brother, or little sister. Mom says that she is open to name suggestions, so if you have any ideas, email me at julieandkeith@gmail.com, or email mom at julieyerex@gmail.com. We have a while to go until the baby will be here, so put your thinking caps on, and suggest some names!
Tonight we are going for a potluck at Taro's house, and then on Friday, mom and I are going swimming with my friend Colby and his mom, Laura. Yahoo!