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  April 16, 2007  
Phew! Another long journal-writing hiatus. Sorry! We've been very busy.
In February, mom went for her ultrasound, and we got a picture of the new baby. Everything is good, and the baby looks healthy. We didn't find out if I'm going to have a brother or sister, so I guess I'll have to wait a few more months to find out.
In March we started renovating our basement, with the help of my grandpa Dave. It's a big job and will probably take a long time. Also in March, I got a new second cousin, when dad's cousin, Lisa, had another baby! Now Alicia has a little sister! We haven't seen her yet, but her name is Amelie.
We went to Calgary to visit Lisa, Alicia, and Vincent before Amelie was born, and we had fun. We went to the zoo, and dad and I saw a tiger really close-up. Mom and dad also took me to Cochrane for a day to visit my Great Grandma Eunice, and my Great Aunt Jessie, Great Uncle Stewart, and my dad's cousins Megan and Heather. It was lots of fun!
I started a new dance class with my friend Tom. It is pretty fun so far.
Last week we went on a plane ride to Victoria to visit my Uncle Tyson and Great Aunt Lorna and her family. We stayed at Uncle Tyson's house. He lives right downtown, and I had so much fun standing on his balcony watching all the busses, cars, trucks, and bicycles go by. We did lots when we were there. We went to the museum, and the bug zoo, and we ate at some yummy restaurants, like Rebar and The Joint. The Joint even makes their own vegan cheese for pizzas! We also had a fun barbeque at my Great Auntie Lorna's, and I had fun playing with dad's cousins Sandy and Jesse. Lorna lives right next to the ocean, so we went for a walk on the beach, and I got to throw rocks in the water. Good thing mom and dad brought my rubber boots! At the barbeque, we cooked over a fire, and I helped dad make me a yummy veggie dog. I liked it so much, I had two! Then I had a little piece of apple pie, and a lot of chocolate (soy) ice cream. Mmm.
The plane ride back was really fun too, and Grandma Laurie and Larry met us at the airport and drove us home. Victoria was a lot of fun, but I was glad to be home.
On Sunday, we went over to Taro's house. We brought Bambi, and all of us (Taro, his mom and dad, Tom and his mom, and me and mom and dad) went for a long walk in the river valley. We even saw some horses! We also went to a dog park, and Bambi got to run off her leash for a while. Then we went back to Taro's house and had a yummy lunch that Taro's mom made.
Last night we went to Grandma Laurie's for dinner. It was so fun to see my aunties again! Me and grandma had fun playing in the backyard now that the snow is all melted.
I am also on the cover of the new Alberta Infant Feeding Guide! Check it out here under Nutrition. It is called Feeding Baby Solid Food: From 6 to 12 months of age .
Well, now it's time for lunch! Dad and I are going to go on a bike ride tonight since it's so nice out. I can't wait!