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  June 4, 2006  
Phew! What a day I had! My mom made me and dad a big breakfast, and I had some yummy vegan pancakes for the first time ever! They were so good! I hope that there are some left over for breakfast tomorrow!

After breakfast, I had a nice nap, and then mom and dad and I went on a bike ride. First we went to go visit my grandpa, and the we went to Whyte Avenue so mom could get some Birkenstock sandals. She says they're comfy. After we got back home, we went on a car ride to the skateboard park. It was so much fun! I love watching all the skateboaders. Plus I got to see my friend Erin. It was rad.

After the skate park, we went to Grandma's for dinner. I got to have some yummy grilled zucchini and peppers. Mmm. It was really good. I had strawberry soy yogurt for dessert.

Mom said that she and dad decided that we shouldn't get dog until after summer, since we are planning on going to lots of weekend festivals this summer where dogs aren't allowed, and she said it wouldn't be fair to the dog. I hope that we get one in the fall though.

Mom and dad both have colds, and I am tuckered out from my busy day, so we are all going to go to bed early. Talk to you later!!!