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  June 9, 2006  
Today sure is rainy! So was yesteday. I was pretty tired yesterday, so I didn't get much time to write anything, but here's what happened:
I helped mom make these cookies . They were really yummy (I got to have a teeny tiny little bite of one). Then I helped make tacos for dinner. I like mine extra spicy!!!! That's really all that happened yesterday...not very exciting since it was rainy.

It is rainy again today, but mom thought that we should go out anyways, especially since we needed soymilk and bread. She found a really cool little rain-poncho that used to belong to my dad's cousin, James, so I wore that, and we headed out.
It was a pretty good trip I guess, even though it's cold out. I had pea soup and a waffle for lunch though, so that kept me nice and warm.

When we got back, I relaxed and had a little snack and watched a little bit of a Baby Einstein movie. I got bored of it pretty quick though. Plus I was really tired.

Now I am going to have a nap. Maybe I'll write more later. *yawn*