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  June 12, 2006  
What a busy weekend I've had! Saturday mom and dad did yardwork while I had a nap, and then we went out for lunch when I woke up. We went to Organic Roots, and I had a really yummy spelt pancake with soy yogurt and strawberries....yum! It was so good. Mom and some, and she was really envious. After lunch I got to go to my grandma's house, because I got to have a sleepover there since mom and dad were going out for our friend's birthday. I really wanted to go too, but I guess I am too little. Maybe next year.
Grandma dropped me off on Sunday, and dad and mom and I went to West Edmonton Mall for the day. When we got home, dad made a really yummy chickpea curry for dinner.
Today grandma had the day off, so the three of us went to Whyte Ave to try to find bridesmaid dress to wear to her friend's wedding in August. We couldn't find anything though. We went to Cafe Mosaics for lunch though, which is a super yummy vegetarian restaraunt. Mom let me have some of her hummus. Yum!
I had a nap when we got home, and then a big snack of watermelon and flax seed toast. It was so good! Then dad got home and we went to the mall by our house to look a little more for a dress, but we still couldn't find anything. I hope she will find something soon!
On the way home, we stopped at grandpa's to watch some of the hockey game, since it doesn't come in clearly on out tv. It was 2-1 for Carolina when we left...but I hope the Oilers bounce back!!!
Well, I am very tired...I am up an hour past my bedtime! I am going to hit the hay.